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  • Arina the asian girl

    Arina is a tall attractive early twenty three Kazakhstan girl with smooth skin and natural breasts with very suckable nipples. I normally go for girls with slightly larger breasts, however, on this occasion I am glad that I made an exception.

    As soon as I set eyes on her I knew that I had made the correct decision. She provided a perfect GFE with a smile - lots of proper girlfriend kissing (not the far too common escort pecks you get in punts), touching, sucking and eye contact.

    The meeting started off with sensual kissing, oral without, giving oral, 69 and finally covered sex.

    Her oral skills were so good that I had to ask her to slow down for fear of coming too quickly! Moved onto her pussy which tasted superb, I could have spent the whole punt down there.

    cover on onto mish sex. she made all the right noises during our time together and I can only hope she enjoyed it as much as I did. However, only she can say for certain!

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    When I arrived at the flat, I was greeted with the sight of a naked Arina with a towel half draped round her and a lovely view of her naked bum! I then showered and was shown to the room by the maid. Arina came in not and greeted me with her kiss on the lips. After a bit of FK, I asked if she would get on her knees and suck my cock and she obliged. I wasn't prepared for what followed! Her deep throat was amazing and she took all of my cock in her mouth. Watching her do this in the mirror was a real turn on. Onto the bed for some more OWO deep throat before that turned into a gorgeous 69. By now I couldn't wait to fuck her and she put the condom on before realising she had no lube in the room and popped out to get some. She has a lovely tight pussy and it was an absolute pleasure being inside it. At my request she pinched my nipples before asking me if I like being spanked and scratched. I said yes and she did both of these things to me and I have to admit, it was quite a turn on. she kept eye contact during sex and smiled a lot and looked absolutely stunning beneath me. After a few minutes of slow sex, she came. She then went on top of me and rode me for a few minutes before I sensed time was running out and I went on top again. she asked me how I normally finished and after reading she does CIM, I asked if I could do that and she said yes. I gave her a tissue and she spat my cum out into that.


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      At the request of arina I won’t go into any sort of detail but needless to say the hour I spent with her was nothing short of utterly, unbelievably, spectacularly perfect.

      She has truly and utterly ruined all other women for me. I have never been with someone with whom I have felt so sexually compatible and I genuinely do not think I will ever meet a woman with whom I am apart from her ever again. Before she panics I don’t have feelings for her, I understand that it is just a business transaction for these girls but she certainly seemed to also love our time together and I will be counting down the days until I see her again.

      I almost don’t want to post this review as I want to keep her all to myself but I feel I owe it to her to try and help her generate business and therefore income.

      Honestly, Arina is on another level. She seems to instinctively know exactly what I wanted and the entire hour was just an utter blur of incredible, raw passion from both of us. After seeing approx 20 girls at HOD (a veritable novice when compared to someone like ‘modelfucker’) I have never in my entire life felt so utterly simultaneously drained and satisfied.

      Go and see Arina at least once and you will not regret it. Treat her gently and respectfully, as you should all the girl scout , and thank me (and her of course) later.


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