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  • Milady!!

    . We started with a massage at which she's excellent but it would have been an expensive back rub so I stopped her after 5 or 10 minutes and we had a bit more of a cuddle. No kissing unsurprisingly but she quickly realised that I have very sensitive nipples! Her's were outstanding in every way. I've never seen such large, hard, prominent nipples in my life. I paid them the attention they deserved before venturing south. She seemed a little nervous about letting me at her pussy but probably because I had been very gentle she opened up... Well! After a slow and gentle start, she gradually got into it. I got the impression she didn't really want to but every now and then arched her back or pushed onto my mouth or gasped. After a while all pretence had gone and she was loving every second. I'm fairly sure she came but as I moved away to let her come down gently, she grabbed my hand and pushed two of my fingers into her soaking pussy. We carried on with me finger fucking her whilst she played with her clit and I alternated between kissing her neck and nipples. This time there was no question if she came or not!
    OWO was offered but at was a bit steep so I opted for the covered version which was actually very good. Just when I thought she could have been going a bit deeper, she dived down and choked on the whole length. Maybe next time I'll invest more
    Sex in mish followed. She's so tiny that I had her feet on my chest and her arse raised up on a pillow. It's a good long while since I've fucked a WG who was so wet and willing. I'm not a small chap and these girls often complain but not so here. She took it long and deep with not a murmer. Surprisingly, I held out for quite some time but when she was licking my nipples again it was time to explode. The fact that the condom didn't burst was a miracle!
    I left pretty much bang on the half an hour with a spring in my step.
    Unfortunately I visited as I was leaving Bath otherwise would have been back again the next day!
    Highly recommended. She's excellent and responds well to gentle stimulation. Knowing these sorts of places, I'm aware that she probably won't be there for long but if you're in Bath in the next few days give yourself a treat.
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