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    This is going to be tricky. Describing time with Ksenya using only the English language.
    The precis. Out of this world.
    Seldom to you meet a girl who far far exceeds expectations. Ksenya is one of the few.
    So why? MN pictures are ok but in truth nowhere near. She has a very pretty face, beautiful nose and perfect teeth. Above all that her eyes. Deep and alluring coupled with a naughty mind. Moving down she has some wonderful freckles just above the most beautiful tits I recall in a very long time. MN quotes 32B, no way. 32A or 32AA if that is smaller. They are just perfect little buds topped with gorgeous nipples. Going further south everything is first class. Did I say how pretty she is? And tall, properly tall. Today, my 2nd visit, she had black ‘stripper’ heels. She was taller than me standing, 6ft.
    I like stockings so had purchased a pair of black holdups with red tops. These were on the side as she entered. I was seated, blindfolded rubbing my cock. She came close. Whispering and teasing me, this was going to be good. Off came her original red fishnet open crouch tights and on with my stockings, what a sight.
    I have a particular way for RO. She loves it. She goes further and deeper than anybody else I recall. After several minutes of RO her first orgasm. By way of recovery I covered up and She rode me cowgirl just using me. My turn. It all gets blurred now. So much OWO, so many kisses, proper DFK. As we played I told her she could be a real traffic hazard with a skimpy little top and short skirt. Hold on she said and went downstairs. I went back to the chair, eyes shut. She was back, now she dressed in new outfit, posing by the bed. Legs open. Fantastic.
    More bouts of RO, OWO and orgasms followed. The final score was 4 – 1. She could have had more but this was early afternoon. Her pussy had to survive all day. I cannot say how she made me cum but it was truly excellent.
    She is really brilliant, you will not be disappointed. I think she said that she had made some porn, that would be worth finding!
    Babe, I will be back soon.
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