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  • Eva Lux

    As per pics. Very pretty face, curvy body and some nice tits.

    Extremely friendly and professional.

    Superb, firm and expert massage. I love it when the masseuse leans into you and you feel her body gliding against your skin. Then when my legs, back and next had been properly attended to, she dripped some oil around my bum and did the famous reach under, stroking my balls and cock perfectly. Her fingers gliding across my nether regions was super erotic.

    Turned over to get a whole new experience of body to body...
    When the time came for the happy ending, she positioned herself at the end the table, facing me and spread my legs to tease and prone my ass as she rubbed me to an amazing conclusion. She asked me to relax while she showered and then scrubbed my back with a lovely potion to remove the excess oil.

    A quite superb hour with an amazing masseuse.Thank you Eva 🥰

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    Lena is gorgeous. Her unfiltered pictures drew me in and despite longing for a while to see one of the other girls on the schedule, something about Lena captured me.

    Morning session with Lena before a busy day was just the boost I needed. She's fun, game for a good time and has some skills. Phenomenally deep oral, great cowgirl technique and happy getting drilled from behind. She lists A levels, but mentioned that she was going to remove it as guys were taking advantage and going too hard. I get that, she's only small, and guys need to learn how to warm girls into it, read signs and take their time before going for it. A shame, but an enjoyable punt all the same. Treat her well.


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      I couldn't wait to get that dress off of her, so i wasted no time in getting things going as i'd only booked an hour. After the initial pleasantries i immediately went for the zip at the back, pulling it all the way down for it to just slip off and reveal her gorgeous body. She seemed to get very excited at how quickly i progressed things, and jumped into my arms making me fall back into the couch. We had some deep and passionate french kissing, which quickly progressed into some really good OWO. I wanted to give her a taste, so i go her to sit on my face while she sucked me off for some 69 action which we were both very into. She sucked harder and harder the more my tongue divulged in her pussy. In all honestly, i could have just carried on with this for the whole booking! We got properly going now, starting with a bit of cowgirl which is one of my favourite positions. I loved seeing her tits bounce in front of my face while she rode me. We didn't do many different positions, in fact i can only recall us doing cowgirl before finishing with some good old missionary. She let me finish on her face, she looked even hotter with my load dripping down her cheeks. I don't think i could have picked any better girl for this punt. It didn't even feel like an escort booking, it was as if we were a new couple in the heat of the 'honeymoon period'. She certainly set the standard high for my future bookings, what an experience. I will most likely be going back to her soon. Definitely recommended. 👍👍👍


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        Has wanted to meet her for some time but my work patterns until now didn't make it happen. It was worth the wait - from the moment she entered the room, it was like we were long standing friend. Loads of kissing, fondling and she undressed me seductively. Before too lon, she had my cock in her mouth and performed some of the best oral I've ever had. Paid loads of attention to my balls before working her way up to my chest, nipples and mouth for more kissing. We had an unexpected cuddle before she sucked my cock more. On with the rubber and she rode me beautifully. We finished with more oral and I came in her mouth. Definitely will see her again.


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