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  • Karla

    I've reviewed this girl before so have a look down the page. The last time she was working in Greece I probably had her 3 or 4 times then she disappeared for a couple of years.
    I was really pleased to find out she had returned and quickly sorted a visit.
    She didn't recognise me, understandably, but I did her.
    Her spoken English has improved and her service remains equally excellent.
    I laid her down on her front to open her buttocks and lick her anus and dip into her pink hole. I then turned her over to get to work on her clit. Having had her before I knew what to expect so put a condom on before going down on her pussy.
    She became very wet as I bought her to orgasm, (I can tell real from fake!), by using my tongue, and very quickly,as she calmed, I rammed my cock into her as she demanded "fuck me fuck me".
    She has a lovely pussy, tastes very nice and responds to a good tonguing technique.
    Her body is fantastic. I will almost certainly fuck this girl again before she disappears again.
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