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  • Petite Capres

    Supermodelesque 😍😍

    She was my first ever punt almost a year ago
    When i rocked up then i was surprised at the professionalism of the set up
    But what really got me hooked on HOD was this woman
    If you visit HOD and have never seen her you're really missing out
    She is facially perfect, with long jet black hair, lovely tits and a flawless body
    She's in her twenties
    She's of looks more exotic whilst retaining the Slavic beauty
    I've now seen her twice solo and once duo
    I wonder why I haven't seen her more, but she does take long breaks
    She is pleasant, immaculately dressed and presented; and has a graceful demeanour
    If she was a little taller she would be in the supermodel category
    But actually my experience with very tall ladies is meh
    She is built for sex
    But as mentioned it's her beauty and her charisma that set her apart
    It may be that we get on but i suspect she makes most guys feel like pornstars when they see her
    She has a wonderful glint in her eye and you're not just a number to me
    She still remembers seeing me lurking by the flower shop near HOD1 before our first encounter
    I suspect she'd excel at most jobs
    Glad she picked this one

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    Anastasia is gorgeous. Kissable lips, lovely boobs, a great figure and sexy looking. Late twenties probably and as lovely as her pics would suggest.

    This was my second time with her. I'd seen her in 2018 in a duo with her frend but had always subsequently wanted to see her alone. I've been many times but have done no reviews since 2013. Thought I'd make an exception for Anas despite her large number of extant reviews. Wasn't sure I'd perform especially well as I'd not long since been here to see the beautiful Nicola, who I spotted and said Hi to on the way in. I needn't have worried. As soon as Anas walked in looking so hot I was ready for action. A lot of dfk and fondling then I went down on her and tasted that lovely pussy. Next some vigorous fucking in mish before going back to the Y. She said I'd nearly made her come with the fucking so I resumed until she did. I think she was for real as she said, "You made me come," several times during the rest of the visit!
    then she returned the favour, sucking and wanking me until I came in her lovely mouth. A totally hot and intimate encounter. We chatted and carressed for a while and I got a gentle smack for forgetting. A few more kisses then off for a shower. What a lush 45 mins. Another gentle kiss then I headed home a happy man. Thanks Anas, you're the best.


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      She entered the room - wearing a nice yellow dress, and heels. No stockings unfortunately.

      Pictures are accurate and she has a great personality.

      We agreed a GFE and she removed her dress to reveal a pink g string and fantastic boobs.

      We started with an okay massage , chatting about our experiences in the past in parlours and clubs.

      We did some kissing - she allowed tongues and I asked if I could wear a dress for her, and she agreed.

      I chose a little burgundy number and went onto the bed with her. I performed oral sex on her lovely pussy -

      We then swapped positions and she performed covered oral on me.

      She then stood at the end of the bed, bent over and received my hard cock inside her lovely wet pussy.

      We fucked in front of the mirror for a while , me holding the dress up so we could see my cock fucking her pussy.

      We then went on the bed - she opening her legs wide open as I pumped into her.

      I soon filled the bag , and after a little clean up ,and with the help of her, removed the dress.

      We left the room and there was some nice banter between her and the maid- who jokingly accused me of giving her a dirty look - well I certainly had some dirty thoughts about her!’


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