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Gabby :)))

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  • Gabby :)))

    Gabby entered the room - wearing a nice yellow dress, and heels. No stockings unfortunately.

    Pictures are accurate and she has a great personality.

    We agreed a GFE and she removed her dress to reveal a pink g string and fantastic boobs.

    We started with an okay massage , chatting about our experiences in the past in parlours and clubs.

    We did some kissing - she allowed tongues and I asked if I could wear a dress for her, and she agreed.

    I chose a little burgundy number and went onto the bed with her. I performed oral sex on her lovely pussy ..

    We then swapped positions and she performed covered oral on me.

    Gabb then stood at the end of the bed, bent over and received my hard cock inside her lovely wet pussy.

    We fucked in front of the mirror for a while , me holding the dress up so we could see my cock fucking her pussy.

    We then went on the bed - she opened her legs wide open as I pumped into her.

    I soon filled the bag , and after a little clean up ,and with the help of Gabb, removed the dress.

    We left the room and there was some nice banter between her and the maid- who jokingly accused me of giving her a dirty look - well I certainly had some dirty thoughts about her!’
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