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  • Sanya

    She led me straight through to her lounge and wasted absolutely no time getting her kit off, which prompted me to follow suit. She got down on her knees and took my semi hard cock into her mouth, only semi as id barely had chance to even speak before she'd got things going! Wasn't long before it was up in full force, she had a good technique, was nice and wet but not sloppy. I wouldn't have been able to finish with it, but it was still lovely. We had some great, passionate sex; first of all in missionary and a little bit of cowgirl before finishing in doggy. She had a tight pussy, hugged my cock wonderfully and she took my full length well. It's always better when its deeper. I pulled out and finished on her cute little face, extra charge but was worth the while seeing her face covered in my seed. Really good booking, not very talkative but a great fuck.
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