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  • Uliyan

    I was waiting in the room with my glass of water provided by a very chirpy happy young maid got my clothes off down to my boxers and within a minute in came Uliyan dressed in a black one piece lingerie set, a fabulous slim body and quite a pretty face.
    We stood and kissed (just lips no open mouth) and I explored her body while she gripped and rubbed my penis. It was clear everything was to be at my instigation so I got her to remove her lingerie and sat her on the bed whilst I knelt on the floor and gave her oral, there were gentle moans and a moment when she gripped my hands on her thigh tightly before relaxing, I might have made her cum, but I don't think so, we then both got on the bed together and after some wet wiping took me in her mouth, it was nice but not great, so I leaned over and got the condom off the side table to give to her, she put this on and said "you want more blowjob?' I said yes and this was really good, she was much more into it, gripping my shaft, lots more swirling tongue action all quite lovely. I asked her to mount me and she did in cowgirl, a few minutes of that and we or I messed up the rhythm, so just let her bounce up and down which provided an excellent view of her quite lovely breasts and nipples, she is young and has a very young tight body, and so after only a few minutes I climaxed and she smiled, got off and cleaned me up. Uliyan offered a massage, but I declined and got her to lay with me, conversation as I said did not flow, so decided to get dressed.🤗🤗🤗

    In conclusion: She has a fantastic tight slim youthful body and a pretty face, I enjoyed my time and very happy to have met her, There are others in the parlour that I am keen to move on to.
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