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  • Vera

    Lovely warm personality and still has that mouth watering bum.

    Booking and finding her place was very smooth and easy.

    Offerred shower but has just showered sho declined as want to get my hands on that body and get snogging.

    Business side taken care of, got to disrobe and peel off a tight little black dress. Snogged for ages while hand roamed freely. Then on to business, all services offered given with enthuisiasm and gusto. After intital spurt, got to catch up with lovely chat then back on it.

    The hour went without much to quickly which it often does when you are enjoying yourself. No clock watching but subtle nudge when time was up. Slighly over. Left with a smile and snog.

  • #2
    Caught a glimpse of her on the way out from a previous appointment and thought, dang!, gotta meet her.

    Where does this trend for pink hair amongst the younger generation come from? Who's the archetype? I dunno, but I saw a hot amateur online with candyfloss pink hair and it became a fantasy. When she caught my eye I had to make it a reality.

    In the run-up to this appointment I was thinking of asking for her to make a special entrance, in true gfe character, really happy to see me, as a special request. I'm not very prescriptive, and happily for me, without me doing anything to provoke it, that's what I got. She came in, was really warm and affectionate, and began to kiss me right away, not much bothered by the dough on the night table. I love that, when the companion puts welcoming the client first.

    We got right down to it, smooching, touching, then a 69, and I really got into it. Her vocal performance was great, her attitude was really positive. She deepthroated me, making pse-style gagging noises, and I got super hard, hard enough for a-levels, but she said she was off that for a while, so I contented myself with regular intercourse in the classic positions.

    Afterwards, we had a good chat. I was impressed her sex-savvy, talking about her goals for turning someone on, making it sexy, and not overdoing it with the lubricant. Smart gal.

    I recommend her to anyone who wants a bonk with someone young, enthusiastic, and anyone who likes petite women with nice bums, in preference to boobs. She is a sweet girl so treat her nice and be glad you chose well.


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