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  • Anya

    Normally I never meet a lady more than 2 times. Why? There are so much ladies and so much more to explore.
    Until August 2019 I me Anya 5 or 6 times. The outcall appointments was extendet from 1 hour for the first time to 90 mins to 2 hours the last.
    She is very eager to please her clients. A lot of knowledge what to do. A lady outside the door and a sexy devil inside your flat. Very funny, bubbly, sexy, with a lot of humor. A lot of kisses, hugs and cuddles, a lap dance (if you want - I wanted! ;-) ) at the beginning and a big smile and kiss at the end. And between this was a lot of things a gentleman have to be silent about.
    Only one thing: We was in the shower together, we used all rooms and after her visit there was a lot of used condoms in my bedroom.
    Ines entered with her first visit my All-Times-Favorites list of escorts. I will see her again and maybe have a dinner date with her.

  • #2
    Anyadoesn’t offer a standard massage, but an amazing experience. She met me at the top of the stairs looking amazing with a very friendly and innocent smile, she gave me a kiss on the cheek and took me to the room. Once on the table, she started with a soft massage all over my back and legs, her amazing soft hands covering every inch of my body and slowly arousing my senses. She also engaged in conversation, which was fascinating and fun, putting me at ease and relaxing me. After she spent some time working my body with her hands, she climbed over me, sliding her beautiful body over mine in the most sensual way, slowly taking me to a completely different dimension. Every now and then I would raise my head and take glimpses of her perfect body sliding over mine on the mirrors; what an unforgettable view! I also liked looking at her beautiful face and caught a few naughty smiles when she realised I was watching her, as if she knew how she was making me feel. This gradual arousal was amazing, and by now Anya was in full control and I was in absolute heaven. When I turned around and saw that statuesque body with those long legs, perfect bum and breasts standing next to me, Anya paying all her attention to me making sure that I had the time of my life, I realised what heaven must feel like! The gradual built up and her attention meant that I had a very intense and explosive orgasm, which made me feel amazing. Her massage is an unbelievable experience and she took me to a dimension I have never been before. After a shower and a kiss on the cheek, I left her room feeling so relaxed and happy, I felt that I was flying. It took me 15 minutes to recover and be able to drive again! she should come with a warning: She is highly addictive and you will return for more! It goes without saying that I would undoubtedly recommend Anya. I think that she enjoys her work a lot but I suspect she may not be around for too long, so if you are thinking about having a massage in Santorini, you must definitely see Anya, she is the best and the most beautiful.


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