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  • Belle

    Belle walked in the room and greeted me with a kiss then I handed her the money. She then took off her high heels and dropped about 4 inches. Once the towel was laid out on the bed she asked me to join her on there and we began to kiss before she started sucking my nipples. I was starting to get quite erect by now and Belle asked if she could suck my cock. Her OWO is superb. I really couldn't wait to get those delicious lips round my cock and for the next few minutes she showed my why some call her the Queen of Blowjobs! Onto a 69, which was fantastic. After that she put the condom in her mouth and proceeded to put it on my cock. I'm always impressed when girls do that! Belle asked what position I would like and as I said that I would like to go on top. We had some really nice slow sex and Belle had got me so hard that it was an absolute joy having my cock inside her lovely pussy. Belle has really nice eyes and she made plenty of eye contact during sex. After a few minutes of missionary position sex, I asked Belle if she could go on top, which she did. This was lovely but then she took it to another level and crouched above me riding my cock. Seeing those beautiful natural breasts bouncing before my eyes was something I won't forget. Sensing that time was running out, I went on top again and the sex got faster and sure enough, I came in her pussy.

    While cleaning up and getting dressed, I had a nice conversation with Belle and the main gist of it was how come it took me so long to see her and after mentioning that I had seen Adrienne before and now had seen Belle, I now intend to see both of them in the near future for my first House of Divine threesome. At exactly 12:59, I exited the room and Belle asked if I would like to say hello to Adrienne, who looked as stunning as ever. I really can't wait to see both of them together. I then left the building after Belle gave me a kiss goodbye at the door.

    A perfect half an hour with a lovely girl. Thanks, belle.
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