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  • Nikky my present

    It was my birthday, I got no plan in this situation so I decided to have someone to accompany me celebrate my birthday and have some little party. I invited nikky to my room. She dressed up so sexy. Wearing a tight dress with heels. Suit together. sucha cheerful girl. We have a dinner and champagne together. Get drunk togetjer amd she take my hand invite me to shower together.
    naughty girl, I might say. She washing me all and gave me such a cool massage. Her big boobs splash a water to my face. I like how she did it.
    Finish golden shower, we headed to bed. I swapher body from wet till it dry. I swapher wet tigh. She did the same, swapping my wet body and then kissing it repeatedly.
    she started showing her wildness, she licking my balls slowly till it sooooo wet and start licking my penis up and down, ended up with a deep throat. I can feel her throat. That sooooo deeeeeeep.
    start from that we have a cool sex together, understanding what we wants in sex. All positions we have tried made us more excited.
    she gave such a naughty bite to told me tjat she wanted more. And yeah, i gave it.
    we both get a pleasure from this meeting and im happy I pick the right escort for GFE. My bday is insane!
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