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  • Anita

    After my shower, I came out to go into the bedroom and she was there fully naked and gave me a cheeky smack on my bum! I knew that this was going to be a good one. After sorting out the money, We got on to the bed and began kissing. This soon lead to her heading straight for my balls and began sucking them. Then she started teasing my cock by licking it before putting it in her mouth for some gorgeous OWO. I liked the way she spat on my cock. We then had a 69 before I asked if we could fuck and we had some lovely sex in the missionary position. Then she went on top, bouncing on my cock and putting her lovely breasts in my face to suck. Back to more sex with me on top and she was pinching my nipples quite hard, which turns me on, and with time almost coming to an end, i came inside her pussy. After cleaning up and getting dressed and having a nice chat with her it was time to head out towards the tube station with a big smile on my face.

    she is perfect for first timers as she is so friendly and such fun and also regulars who like a girl who loves her job and gives such an amazing service. Thanks for such a lovely half an hour, Anita, and I hope to see you again. Have a lovely holiday

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    She's beautiful. Pretty. You wouldn't be able to fuck without tattoos.
    Tattoos, of course, turned that cute girl into Hot CHICK**.
    One of the bosom pilgrimage is for me +1 girls. Brother is a dame girl, yes, a dame girl.
    The beauty of the face, the girl's sympatheticness has backed me.
    Although it is so beautiful, there is no gram whim. He's behaving. Communication and beauty deserve 10 u.
    We're sensitive in the sex part. There's no pse for this girl. Gfe needs to hang out. The kissing is tremendous.
    The rooms are really cozy. I like the hotel and i love her


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