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  • Alexa Colombiana

    Wow! Absolutely stunning! Big boobs, blondy hair, beautiful with a stunning body. Fantastic breasts, with beautifully dark nipples. So much better than the photos on the website (and they are a huge turn on themselves!) A real treat for the eyes! (& other parts!)

    As a newcomer to the scene, i'd spent some time checking out the website to get to know the ladies that are at the club and try and arrive at a shortlist of favourites, which has proven somewhat difficult as they all look to be worthy of a meeting. In the end, the day & time provided its own shortlist (of available ladies) and Alexa just edged it for me. I arrived just before the appointment time and entered the club to be warmly welcomed by the smiling maid who immediately showed me upstairs to the room. I paid the door fee (as advertised) and was offered a drink and asked if i wanted to shower, which I did. A clean towel was provided and I was shown to the bathroom. As a newbie, I fumbled getting redressed but was later questioned by Alex ‘why?’ so guys - don't bother! The room itself was compact but intimate with subdued lighting, a TV in the corner showing some porn to get the mood set. She entered the room with a smile and a calming hello and we had an embrace and a welcome kiss on the cheek. We quickly discussed business and I agreed on a GFE. She showed me onto the bed, face down and proceeded to give a superb massage, (Tip - She likes guys who moisturise as it makes the oil last longer!). During the massage we chatted and she said she was jealous of the fact I was getting it. I immediately offered to reciprocate which was gladly accepted. The lady assumed the face down position on the bed which afforded a spectacular full length view of her body, top to toe and her beautiful ass. I proceeded to give a neck and shoulder rub to the sounds of much pleasure and commands of ‘harder, harder’ from her. My cock immediately obeyed! She said that she intended to give me the best blowjob I would ever have had as a reward and boy did she deliver. Amazing! Whilst receiving head, I explored her wonderful breasts, very soft and pert and then her wonderful pussy, topped off by a crown of fuzzy pubes – what a sensational feeling for my lucky hands. My clumsy pussy rub was gently guided to maximise her pleasure and to bring on the awaited pussy juice and sure enough, it was there! The warm, moist feel again was a delight to my fingers and made my mind go into overdrive. I couldn’t resist a taste of the love juice and boy it was like nectar. She noticed that I liked the taste and immediately offered to sit on my face, which I agreed to in an instant. Her Vulva and Clitoris was offered to my face and I made the most of licking and sucking her wonderful lips, taking the love juice onto my tongue and into my waiting mouth. Delicious! After a while, the action inevitably led to fucking. I was asked if I wanted her to ride me – she must be a mind reader as that was exactly the position I craved. On went a condom and she was straight onto my erect penis. Boy was I ridden! She asked me to try and get harder to avoid an escape; the problem here is condoms are a necessary evil but as the sensations are reduced and I was relying on the vision of her heavenly body and beautiful breasts bouncing up and down to keep me hard. She eventually decided that enough was enough and there was only one course of action now and off came the condom and on went plenty of lube and her hands to my awaiting cock. Less than a minute of an exquisite hand job and the happy ending exploded! I can honestly say that was the most intense orgasm I have experienced in more time than I care to remember. A few seconds (it felt like minutes) of quivering body parts (bizarrely, my lower lip quivered the most) and I came back down to earth to find my glorious hostess cleaning me up – that’s never happened to me before. 30 minutes of exquisite pleasure had passed by like an express train in the night but the memories are sure to remain a lifetime.
    Personal note to her, currently my no 1 sexual fantasy – from this guy to you Alexa, you may never realise just what this meeting has done for me.
    My dilemma now is I crave more experiences like this so I will be sure to pay a return visit very soon, but I may be torn between revisiting the lovely Alex or might just choose another lady to see if perfection can be improved upon.
    Guys – do yourself a favour and go for an experience of a lifetime with the gorgeous, sensual & sexy Eva 🤗

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    Alexa is a doll, an absolute babe. I've seen her a few times now and every time has been phenomenal. She is incredibly sweet and lovely and affectionate. Just like a real GF, she is passionate and loving and tender. Everything is so relaxed and friendly. She can be a little shy and reserved at first, but once she feels comfortable and safe with you, there are definitely treasures to be enjoyed.

    She does everything I like extremely well. A great kisser, amazingly pleasurable shared shower, fantastic massage. The sex is really intimate (she gets VERY wet) and intense, and she's an absolute joy to spend time with. My experience has always been immensely enjoyable and great fun. She's also a lovely person to chat with (and quite funny).

    I can not recommend Alexa highly enough. She's gorgeous, a stunning beauty, and utterly adorable. She gives everything of herself in our sessions, physically, emotionally, sexually, and she's one of the sweetest and loveliest ladies I've ever met. She's so lovely I can't wait to see her again.


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