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  • Carolina :))) Elite Escort

    My expectations of the session were low when she opened the door. My fairly considerable experience is when the girl is fit and hot the sex is usually a disappointment.

    Not so for Carolina I'm a vanilla guy. It's all about the oral and a hard fuck.

    She spent the entire session sucking me and her technique was TOP drawer!!!. Plenty of eye contact, spit, hand action and sucked like a hoover!!!. I never come from oral but am guilty of lots of pre cum. She just sucked on relentlessly. Awesome.

    She suggested we fucked as time was running short. She is so tight and play acts the gfe on top to perfection. Riding me and snogging was just sublme. But I was holding back cuz I wanted to see her arse in doggy. It’s superrr Wowww :0

    Finished explosively as she clenched my cock tight.

    Totally and utterly recommended her!!!. She is drop dead gorgeous and a fantastic fuck. You’re my true lady Carolina .... <3
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