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  • babi hot latina girl ;)

    High class escort , owner of a singular beauty, big ass formidable and curvy body. she’s very affectionate, she love caresses and naughty sex. The ideal companion for discerning men and tasteful.

    All photos and video 100% real

    I took some lovely black lace stockings and suspenders with me along with a vibrator. babi was only too pleased to put these on for me whilst parading her beautiful arse in front of the mirror. She looked even more stunning than usual.

    I wanted to see her cum and she happily lay on her back with her legs wide open whilst using the buzzing vibrator on herself. After a while, she began moaning whilst looking me in the eye and smiling. ☺️☺️She has the most beautiful smile. I then decided to make her cum on my tongue and I dived between her legs and began licking and sucking her clit. She closed her eyes and arched her back whilst I sucked on her lovely shaven pussy. She must have been relatively recently shaven but I could feel the rasp of the regrowing hairs on my tongue - yummy.

    Her moans then became louder and I felt her tummy twitch before she clasped her lovely stockinged legs around my face as she came on my tongue. I was her first customer of the day so I believe it was her first orgasm, very gratifying. She thanked me with a smile and then asked if I wanted my turn.

    babi then got to work sucking my cock and balls whilst lying on her side giving me a great view of her beautiful body in those stockings and suspenders. Her eye contact is superb and she smiles regularly whilst looking you in the eye. What a woman, what a tease. Totally not her fault but my old man wasn't performing at his best so she Instinctively picked up the vibrator and lay on the bed with legs wide open, again looking me in the eye and smiling. She is a total stunner and I am addicted to her. After a while I popped a big load and I left was a beautiful vision in my head of her with that vibrator.

    babi, I know you read these reviews because we chatted about my review of you. I will be back later today for a duo with you and ur friend

    I know that you don't do full on interactive but I would love you to get into a pretend 69 position with you on top whilst I fuck your beautiful pussy from behind with ur friend sucking my balls before you make me cum in her mouth. I then want to cum kiss ur friend whilst you gently suck my cock after I've finished.

    I look forward to seeing you later today my dear X
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