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  • Stella

    She is certainly the girl in the pictures, there’s no mistake about it. Although I’m not sure why she would choose all those enhanced images over her selfie more natural types. She is absolutely stunning and looks far better in person than in her pictures. As you can see here ( I realise this may be hard to believe, but she really is. She has a gym fit, hard body, slim and very supple from lots of yoga apparently. Enhanced boobs, but very nicely done, and not big either which is a refreshing change. She is in her early twenties for sure. Confident, sexy and very comfortable with her self and with me. Good grasp of English too and likes to chat

    She was dressed in black panties, bra and suspenders, with a see through blue negligee. It was hard to see the actual size of her body like this, but she looked smoking hot. She also had on high heels, and a little make up. Her hair was down and slightly tasselled; a good look for her.😘
    After formalities and showers were taken care of she paraded herself in front of me and let me explore her as I sat on the edge of the bed (which has become my custom to do so lately for some reason). This was when I first caught sight and held onto that tight body. Her ass is small, firm and makes you just want to slap it and fuck it! I didn’t do either however, even though I probably would have, time and energy permitting. She has a tiny waist that I could practically put my hands around, and as I moved up to her boobs I then realised that they were enhanced. I’m not sure why really, or perhaps I was just mistaken, because they were not done larger than you would expect on a girl of her frame to be honest. Looked and felt fantastic!🤭

    Moved onto the bed for a brilliant blow job. She was wet and slow and had some marvellous skills. I do love these Latvians, they really get into the action. Could have popped in her mouth but had to try out some more of her. She liked it on top, especially when I took the lead here and teased her. She’s really responsive and she came pretty soon, before I turned her over and into missionary. We fucked for quite a while like this and it was an absolute dream. She kept whispering things in Latvians in my ear and it was really hot, I kid you not! A very sexy woman!

    Switched to doggy which was by far my favourite with Stella. She loves it this way too. And that ass sticking up with my hands around her tiny waist! WOW! Amazing time… Came hard in this position. I usually want my girl to finish me with her mouth etc. but this was just too good to stop!

    Chatted with her for quite a while. She’s a lovely girl with a keen interest in travel and yoga etc. I would certainly see her again and I would strongly recommend her to anyone. Another great Latvians 👍
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