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  • Evgeniya

    Holla 😍😍 this review is just for E ..

    E was wearing a black silk, short gown, and underneath she had black bra and panties. After a quick shower I returned and to be honest there wasn’t much talking at all. I sat at the end of the bed and watched her as she danced to the music in front of the mirror. She really likes to show off. A breath of fresh air and not just straight down to it. She took off her robe and bounced up and down, dancing in her bra and panties. It was a really lovely sight to see those boobs wobbling around.

    When she approached, she took of the bra and put her boobs right in my face. She laughed and shook her tits around me and I loved it. She slipped off her panties and got down on her knees to take me into her mouth. She was quite good at OWO, but not the best. Couldn’t quite manage a lot, but she was still enthusiastic enough. After this it was clear that she was getting quite worked up herself, considering she’d been playing with her pussy at the same time. She laid back on the bed and muttered something I couldn’t quite understand, expect for “tight pussy”. So I had to try that out. We covered up and I got to work. She really was very tight and I loved cushioning myself on those big tits, feeling them and shaking them around whilst I fucked her. I got on my knees then and raised myself above her whilst we carried on in this position, so that I could see those boobs move around. She took the hint and folded her arms underneath them to make them stay in the middle and shake even more. She’s very intuitive.

    We moved into doggy for a while, but it was a little bit too deep for her to handle. But I did love reaching around to grab her boobs whenever I had the opportunity. She moved on top for a while so we could get some bouncing action going on again in this position, and she seemed to enjoy teasing me with those boobs in my face and mouth. Certainly too much to handle. At this point I was so close that I quickly pushed her off and whipped the condom off. She was very quick to move to the end of the bed and I told her to hold up her tits, where I unloaded all over her. A lovely session!

    If you don’t mind being unable to communicate most of the time, E is a very hot young escort ❤️

  • #2
    I was stuck then by her beauty and her friendly, flirty nature - she was very polite to me, smiled and made some light but slightly flirtatious body language when showing me in to see the other girl in here.
    Which was very nice of her.
    After doing a little bit of research I realised she wasn't just the maid but worked there.
    Obviously I would never be rude and presumptuous enough to approach a maid to see if she was working, but a good click arouund she is a working girl. Excellent!

    I entered the pleasant flat, showered, dealt with the paperwork. she is immediately started kissing me. Full on snogging - really passionate. Great. Can't beat a good snog - her skills were top notch and really deep. On to a good feed on those lovely tittys. Great again. She gave me a lively OWO. Lots of eye contact. Looking into those beautiful brown eyes, whilst having my cock sucked can't be beaten. On to the main event, rubbered up, her on top, me on top, her wanking her cunt while I fucked her - all great. All interjected with lovely deep snogging. Can't beat her service, truly top notch. Not too long before I felt the urge. She gave me OWO excellently, lovely to watch her and look into her deep beautiful brown eyes, not long until I told her how close I was. She gave me a naughty, dirty look,and I spaffed info her mouth - she swallowed the lot! Had a clean up, chat, lovely kiss and cuddle.

    Will definitely return, what a lovely lady, firmly added to my favourites list. If you read this many thanks for a great time. I cannot recommend enough.


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