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  • Ivanna
    I think the photos and the real are not the same. Fake photos because photoshop but it’s okay , not too ugly. The body is ok 👍

    And firstly, we got on great she snuggled up close and let me caress her breasts and finger her pussy she then gave a vigorous blow job just how I like it into 69 then back to oral as I knelt on the bed straight into doggy then mish finally finished me off in cowgirl , well spent look forward to seeing her again soon

  • #2
    Once i arrived at her apartment we got down to business pretty quickly as i had only booked an hour, I suggested having some fun in the shower to begin and she happily obliged. We did a lot of foreplay in there, she gave me some of the best head I've ever had and she clearly enjoyed it as much as me, unfortunately we had to stop as i was about ready to pop but there was no way i was finishing that quick. She was soaking wet by this time, and i mean dripping. She let me go down on her and my god did she taste sweet. I was ravenous and wanted to get inside her right there and then, so i proceeded to do so. I took advantage of her small frame and flipped her over with ease, before entering from behind and getting a good handful of her long blonde hair to keep my balance. She was really getting into the groove, meeting my every thrust. It was great to have a girl who was just as enthusiastic as me. She then asked if she could get on top, and i loved that. She was certainly experienced as it wasn't long before i had to get her to jump off and take my load all over her massive tits. This girl definitely surpassed my expectations, it might have only been a short booking but my god it was totally worth it. It wasn't awkward either, we had great chemistry and talked like we had known each other for years while we cleaned ourselves up. Fantastic punt, would 100% recommend.