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    First thing i noticed when she opened the door was her incredible bust, great set! I couldn't wait to get my hands on those, but I had already planned what I wanted to do with this girl after noticing that she provides a-level without an extra charge. Not many girls do this, and after only doing anal a couple of times in the past i thought this booking would be the perfect opportunity. I asked her early on to make sure she was okay with it, she was more than happy as long as i wasn't enormous downstairs. Now im not small but i'm certainly no monster so i had no fear of being turned down. We started with the usual foreplay; a nice blowjob, made even better by her juicy lips might i add, followed by her sitting on my face and giving me a taste of her. We started with regular vaginal in a couple positions, before she told me to get lubed up and ready to slip it in. It was very tight and felt amazing. She pushed back against me slowly at first, so she got her own rhythm but before i knew it she was taking it full force and was loving it. We both finished up, had a nice little chat before the hour was up and i went on my way. Lovely girl, very friendly and seemed to love every minute. I would definitely go back to her for another a-level experience.
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