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  • Misha

    Petite lady with great boobs matches her pictures and details on her web site and in her adverts so I see no need to repeat these things here
    On arrival Misha was "lurking behind the door" the reason for which became obvious when the door closed and she was already wearing the requested clothing (brought in specially from home)
    After a short chat we got down to the matter in hand and she went well above what I had requested (or expected) in fact she was pushing me to go further which makes a change from girls that want to make everything extra.
    Apart from the bondage surcharge I was not asked for extras
    Had a good chat afterwards and was not rushed out
    Will visit again, next time I hope to stay longer

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    Booking is simple with this site.I arrived at Mikhaila’s hotel room she hid behind the door when opening it.I gave her money then went off for a shower.In the bedroom i gave her RO her cunt tasted sweet,she came in my mouth.I instructed her to go on her knees i put my cock in her mouth and face fucked her balls deep,she choked on my cock a few times i stopped so she could breathe for a few seconds i carried on deep throating her till she'd had enough her eyes were running.It was time to fuck her.She bagged me up i screwed her everywhere in her hotel room i cum twice,once on her face and once on her huge knockers.My favourite part of the booking was when i pulled the net curtains open and fucked her in standing up doggie with her head,shoulders and knockers out of the hotel window,i screwed her in stand up carrying position in front of the window too ! I wanted to fuck her a third time she told me her cunt was sore,she wanked me off.

    It was a great way to start the morning off,i thoroughly enjoyed this one!
    The site are trusted guys!!


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      Misha took this in stride, and offered a back massage. We still had plenty of time, so I agreed and she took her time giving me a gentle back rub. We chatted a bit, and eventually she curled up next to me, as if she were my regular girlfriend. We eventually started kissing again, and I started getting my mojo back, although I was still convinced I would not get fully hard. Well gentlemen, Misha came to the rescue. She started giving me deepthroat OWO and really went to town. Next thing I know she has me super hard and cumming down her throat with one of the most amazing orgasms I have ever had. It took me a good five minutes afterwards to be able to stand up and walk.

      We had a good laugh about how the orgasm snuck up on me. I eventually recovered and hopped in the shower again. She freshened up the room and when I came back in and thanked her, she thanked ME for a lovely time. We walked down the stairs together after I got fully dressed, with 10 minutes to go on the appointment. I never felt rushed with her and had completely lost track of time. We passed Foxy, another lady, who looked lovely, and seemed nice, but is not really my cup of tea...although a duo with her and Misha would certainly be something to consider. We said goodbyes and then I was out the door and off to the car.

      Overall, while perhaps not the best punt I have ever had, it was absolutely a good time, and I would visit Misha again to give it another go. Unfortunately I don't think it is going to happen, as Misha said she was looking to retire from escorting as of April, and move on to other lines of work. She is a lovely girl and I wish her the best!


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