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  • Antonella

    So was greeting by a lovely smile.

    She was is very good when it comes to sucking the weapon

    Retuned the favour and she was in a blissful world whilst my tongue explored her beautiful body! Much to her delight she want shy to assist and stimulate herself to a happy zone.

    On with the raincoat, multiple positions .... reverse cowgirl was a sight to be savoured

    Finished in my favourite doggy - the sight of me thrusting and her pushing her back on it lead to me pumping my load.

    Really good good girl and lovely person above all.

    I’m not one for catching feelings but there’s something about this girl ( it’s not just work) she’s a diamond!!

    Antonella... till next time when we do role play with the glasses on as you suggested lol

    Thank you
xxnx com