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  • Lina gorgeouss girl

    Lina looks better in person than her pictures. She is back o her size 10. She is about 5 foot 5 with black hair.
    Loves her body
    This is the first time I have seen Lina for sometime, and she has moved back to near here
    She met me at the door with a very warm and welcoming smile. She led me into the bedroom and was very patient. She took time to understand what I wanted,explain the use of implements available, and the rooms to use.
    She can still roleplay very well and dresses as requested. She can take a good hand spanking and receives implements such as paddles,straps with a wicked smile, and no complaining.
    She also took a dozen of the cane, after handing me a senior one.
    She finnishes the session with what ever relief you request.
    She does not clock watch and was relaxed the whole session, still having time after the allotted hour to chat.

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    Marilena firstly was a amazing!! It’s UNBELIEVABLE ..

    This has to be one of the best visits I have had at Greece especially at this price range. I usually do not expect too much and always thought the more you the better.

    Not with Marilena.. She was the perfect company and was extremely accommodating!! I would definitely see Marilena again!

    Marilena looked stunning when I met her as she opened the door wearing a white short dress. She looked like an Angel..

    She is in eyes better in the flesh then the pictures on the website.

    She looks very fresh and speaks very good English.

    Marilena is originally European and mentioned she will be around for another 2 weeks or so.

    On arrival I was offered a shower which I accepted since it was a rather warm day and it was good to freshen up. The shower was very clean with towels. All fresh I entered the bedroom with just a towel around me. We sat on the bed for a few minutes until I started to kiss her.

    To my delight we were kissing full FK and I was in my element enjoying the moment. We kissed and my hands wondered. She still had the dress on. In time I helped her strip this off. Marilena has a fantastic body. You need to see it to believe. She has a nice wrist little tattto and another on her waist which makes her look kinky and sexy. Her dark blond hair also adds to her beauty. Marilena is all natural and has a fantastic pair which were a good handful.

    We continued to kiss and play around. It was a great gfe experience. I fingered her inside and she seemed to be very responsive moving around which just got me harder. She then gave me OW and sucked my balls. You can imagine I was trying to hold back and wanted to last. Marilena has a very tight mouth and the OW felt really GOOD!. Definitely something she is good at. I could not hold back any longer on with the cover and Marilena got on top. She is out of this world. Starting slow and then building up to a nice pace I was finished in no time. Her services were excellent! All round a wonderful experience full of fun and sex.

    We then chatted on the bed for only a minute of two and then I was back on it. Kissing her as she played with me and again I hard in no time. Marilena is truly a lovely lady and knows how to get you going. At one point I was holding her tight kissing her as my hand felt her lovely ass and I even got a finger in which she was happy to receive. The second round was even better than the first even more passionate.

    I ended on top of her with her legs back and went for it. Put it this way we both built up a sweat.

    The best GFE experience and perfect formula for de-stressing with a wonderful girl

    I'm getting horny again just typing this LOL and will be booking again soon once I have saved up the energy! HAHA

    Thanks again to Marilena for a lovely time, I will see you again soon, maybe next week!


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      Lina is very much like her photos. Slim, tall and leggy.

      This was my second visit to Lina. Just like the first one had requested her in a school girl uniform.
      Once the paper work was sorted out she suggested some ideas to enjoy the time
      She suggested that i can be a teacher who catches her playing with herself . Whih i readily accepted.🥰
      After that she was on prowl and was eager to satisfy all that was requested. She was not a clock watcher and let me enjoy all the moments.
      Will definately visit her again. Next time she suggesyed to check her out in the nurse uniform


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        Marilena was wearing a red colour dress with a low cut front showing off some beautiful cleavage. Split in her dress showed off her lovely long and tanned legs. She was very nice to me and complimented me and my appearance. Kisses passionately like a real girlfriend. And things got very hot, really quite quickly in that department. We stood and kissed for a while, our hands exploring each other’s body. I took a quick shower and returned to more of the same and then she stripped off to show me a wonderful body. Her boobs are very big, and sadly I must say don’t feel that great (heavy and awkward). They look great though and I was certainly enjoying that.

        Started off with some pretty hot kissing on the bed, fingering, wanking etc. I went down on her for a while which seemed to get her all juiced up. There’s one thing about her, she really does get into it. Then it was down on me for some lovely OWO action. She likes doing this, and had a lot of fun with it, mixing up techniques etc. I was ready to cum in her mouth but stopped myself.

        After me lying on my back and her sucking me off, I turned her over and put her on her back, was about to grab the condom off the night stand but decided to prop her head up with pillows and see how she handled some good old fashioned face fucking. Have to say that she did very well for a while, then insisted on a break. I switched my wet cock to between her massive tits and this was lovely with her encouragement.

        On with the condom and into missionary for some nice hard fucking whilst I grabbed hold of her tits. This is where she really went into herself and made herself come with such force that she very nearly passed out. I sat back on my knees and fucked her in this position giving her lots of room to play with herself and me a good view of her bouncing tits. She closed her eyes and shuddered as she played with her clit. Then she sat up exhausted and smiled, telling me it was my turn. Went into some more OWO and a nice wet wank until I shot in her hands.

        Lovely woman, lovely body, great fuck! Shame about her pictures though I actually think she’d still get a lot of interest if she published newer ones.


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