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Bella sexy lady ;)))

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  • Bella sexy lady ;)))

    Bella is taller than many ladies but cannot be described as tall. She looks as if in her early 24s, very attractive with a lovely body to match and has piercings in interesting parts of her anatomy. Her current profile photos look like how she is in real life.

    Bella has been on my short list of ladies to see for quite a while but I am in a comfort zone of repeatedly frequenting some of those I have already tried and tested to minimise the risk of disappointment though trying to break out of this. As mentioned in my previous reviews, I undertake an in-depth study of a lady's reviews and apply rudimentary predictive analytics before booking so I can determine whether it is likely to be a good punt. It's no different I suppose to what a gambler does before placing a bet.

    I also enjoyed a incredible time with her. Things got off to a good start when we got to the room with incredible deep french kissing accompanied by lots of mutual groping. Bella then suggested we removed our clothes and we got onto the bed so she could give me some incredible oral without a condom while I licked her pussy in return.🤩🤩
    With me rock hard at this stage, she asked whether I wanted a condom and when I replied that I did, she asked me which position I wanted her in. I replied cowgirl and Bella rode me to a most incredible climax while deep french kissing me. Incredible!

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