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  • Vicky

    I entered the well known establishment. Showered and cleaned. Saw her and another girl, already seamed very upbeat singing and dancing around the kitchen. I went up to the top floor bedroom, she entered, she looked amazing. Dealt with the paperwork. Had a nice cuddle and kiss. Full on snogging - which I adore. Had a conversation about the industry and her appearance. Told her that she spoke very well and was a very articulate advocate of the industry. On to lovely covered oral with lots of eye contact and enthusiasm. She then mounted me and we fucked! It was one of the best sessions, I've ever paid for. So many positions. Think I did more with her than I have in the last countless years. She finally ground her cunt around on my cock until she came, very loudly. Great. She then removed the condom and wanked me to heaven, with lots of nice bum play. We then had another good conversation about TV and places we had both been to at points. I understand she is out of the industry for a month or two, but will be a firm favourite revisit for me on her return.

    Always great to have a good conversation with an articulate and intelligent lady. An excellent GFE punt with a very beautiful girl. If you do read this, thank you ever so much and I shall return.

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    Vicky greeted me in a short black mini dress. I had requested that she wear a sexy dress before and the message definitely got through. She looked fabulous when revealing herself from behind the door as she slowly opened it. We both smiled. My smile may have been bigger.
    Vicky gave me a kiss on the cheek and I stepped backwards into the bedroom. The flat is very small. I was offered a shower on arrival. She insisted that I take one so I did. Out of the quick shower and now fresh She sat on the bed smiling and helping me to dry off. She speaks medium English. At times we struggled with understanding each other. She is actually here to learn English so hopefully that will improve in time. She is a sexy bitcjhes anyway.

    Once I was dry I soon started to undress her to reveal some expensive sexy underwear. She is definitely a high class lady from the way she holds herself and her style. Her skin is tanned also very soft. She looked fantastic with the dress on and off. As we sat on the bed I then slowly felt her legs and that soft skin. I tried to kiss her lips but this was refused. No kissing at all unfortunately. She lay on the bed as I sucked on her nipples and that body.
    I opened her legs and started to kiss her below instead. She smells and tastes fresh like a Cherry

    Time seemed to disappear while I explored her body. I was soon hard as could be and thought I better get a move on before I finish. I then suggested a 69 owo which she was happy to provide moving her ass up and down at the same time. This was another time I think time just disappeared and took me close. She has a cute but demanding why about her and helped me with getting to the right places for her. then she got on top of me after putting a cover on and slowly started to increase her speed until I could not hold any longer. She looked amazing from my view as she played with hair holding it back as she was riding me. One hand on my chest this was and felt really good.

    After round one we sat back and talked for bit as much as we could. she is actually back from holiday so hence the tan. She is a well-travelled lady with a lot of class and expensive lingerie. I still had a little time left so I freshened up again quickly with a splash of water on my face and started to massage Vicky on her back soon kissing her back at the same time and grinding her. then she covered me again and this time we went for doggy. I started well but ended up getting a cramp in my thigh….what a time to get this….I tried to stretch it out and tried again but that did not work…..however much I wanted too I couldn’t. I decided to stretch again and then tried getting on top. This seem to go ok and Vicky also helped with some great resistance.


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      Entered the room smiling, dressed in stockings. Pretty with good eye contact, probably size 8/10. B/C cup boobs.

      Vicky has a great attitude and definitely wants to please.

      I saw from the reviews that she is happy to do facials so after a while I asked her if she was okay with this and she replied "of course." She then lay on the bed and I moved my cock sideways on to her face. My aim was spot on and I spurted a line of spunk right across her lovely lips. 👍👍
      Very nice girl and highly recommended mainly due to her attitude.


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