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    This is my second meeting with mila! My legs are still shaking from the brutal sex we had. We both managed to cum twice! Mila is unbelievable. As I have said to her, I am tired of visiting cheap escorts and whenever she is town I am definitely arranging a meeting with her! She is a true sports/athletic angel amamamamam Her boobs act as a superb mattress for my cock winkwinkwink Her blowjob was wet and her skills of licking balls were superb! The most important thing guys is that she is clean and sanitized! I agree with everyone that said that she is very talkative and that she has a very good personality.. Now the sex was absolutely amazing! She offered shower teasing where we both entered in the shower and started cleaning each other in a very sexual and sensual way requested. We then moved to her bed and we had a very intense sex! .. After talking about our summer plan vacations the meeting ended with a second time sex which was even better. Amazing experience.

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    If u seeking, young passionate curvy big tits girl, go straight to choose mila. She is cute, adorable and humble girl. she is not fake as her photos are real. Even she is beautier than the photos. She falls on me, first an erotic massage after kisses, when it came to my P so here's a life-time with what she does !!!
    It gives me to kiss her that she is more precious to her, with changes in positions !!
    Teacher with her tongue when she gets it in her mouth we talk greatness !!
    With what she's done she realizes that I can't stand it anymore, she puts it in her tight, warm, wet vagina, with gentle fantasy moves and erotic sweet moves!


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