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Monica bouncing girl

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  • Monica bouncing girl

    My bouncy curvy girl she is so mature.
    I'm typicall man who love curvy and big girl than me, I mean small is fine but i prefer curvy one. Its so hot. Its challenging for me.
    she is so nice and sweet, offering me wine in her nice room. Her room is so comfy with a big bed
    she is wearing a hot red lingerie which giving a good shape on her curvy body. She do like kissing, she gave me french kiss and her tongue roll over my lips tongue and straight down to my chest. Damn! She got my nipples.
    i follow her to her comfy bed, stripping all my clothes and asked her naked. She surprisingly did it with erotic dance. Love love love it.
    We started with 69 , I love when she suck my cock and I play with puss. She turned over and bounching her big rounded boobs on me, like ready to ride me! I let her to be dominant. And she totally nailed it!
    Gosh. Monica my bouncing girl, I will absolutely back to you next week.
    You guys, dont hesitate to try the good exp with jer, u wont regret!

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    Wow girl! she amazed me with her amazibg curvy body which is so ready to fuck. Her boobs is so big and so do her ass.
    she like to dirty talk and thats kinda tempting for me. She wpuld liek to lick all ur body till wet. Absoultely amazing work mon!


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