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  • lucreciallucio

    This was one of THE great sessions – a completely no-inhibitions, raunch-a-go-go, sexathon, fuck-fest with an eager and enthusiastic fuck-buddy who was clearly out to enjoy herself as much as I was! )
    Started off locked together, posing and preening in front of the full-height mirror facing foot of bed, with Luc working back against my hard cock, wiggling and writhing as I gradually got her lingerie off to leave her in nothing but suspenders, stockings and boots – what a sight! )))
    Then we’re onto the bed where she’s all over me – wanking and nearly deep-throating me, whilst intermittently, and sometimes simultaneously, teasing my nipples, with fingers and tongue, and driving me wild as she tickles my armpits. And all the while she’s making sure we’re both covered in oil or some sort of smooth cream, which she uses especially to tantalise my armpits! Then it’s a delightful DATY session – well, she fully deserved it after her attention to me – with Luc clearly enjoying herself!
    Then – and this was absolutely brilliant – a totally skilful foot wank (a ‘first’ for me), Luc lying back on the bed, me braced over her whilst she simultaneously worked my nipples and armpits, leading to an outrageous ‘edging’ session with me straddled across Luc’s chest, arched back, as she sequentially worked FOUR (possibly FIVE – it was SO brilliant, I lost count) pre-cums out of me, little loads squirting over her boobs as my erect cock twitched uncontrollably, spunk dribbling everywhere!
    And then it’s full on fucking – WOW! Absolutely riotous, with all sorts of antics, including me mounted up on Luc in ‘sumo-doggy’ as she and I waved to each other in the mirrors, lol!
    Final ‘result’ – me: four, maybe five, pre-cums plus two ‘proper’ cums (once in doggy, once by wanking me); Luc: twice (both from DATY) – I did literally stagger off to the shower on unsteady legs, completely drained, but euphoric!
    So, as I say, one of the GREAT sessions! I’ll be back as soon as I possibly can – obviously! )
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