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  • Arina

    When I arrived at the flat, I was greeted with the sight of a naked Arina with a towel half draped round her and a lovely view of her naked bum! I then showered and was shown to the room by the maid. Arina came in not and greeted me with her kiss on the lips. After a bit of FK, I asked if she would get on her knees and suck my cock and she obliged. I wasn't prepared for what followed! Her deep throat was amazing and she took all of my cock in her mouth. Watching her do this in the mirror was a real turn on. Onto the bed for some more OWO deep throat before that turned into a gorgeous 69. By now I couldn't wait to fuck her and she put the condom on before realising she had no lube in the room and popped out to get some. She has a lovely tight pussy and it was an absolute pleasure being inside it. At my request she pinched my nipples before asking me if I like being spanked and scratched. I said yes and she did both of these things to me and I have to admit, it was quite a turn on. she kept eye contact during sex and smiled a lot and looked absolutely stunning beneath me. After a few minutes of slow sex, she came. She then went on top of me and rode me for a few minutes before I sensed time was running out and I went on top again. she asked me how I normally finished and after reading she does CIM, I asked if I could do that and she said yes. I gave her a tissue and she spat my cum out into that.