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  • Bella

    Buzzed the door and was let in and greeted warmly by two ladies.
    Bella lead me upstairs where we sorted paperwork.

    She is very bubbly and fun to chat to, which was great, not clinical at all.

    I got undressed while she deposited the cash. When she came back I asked for owo which she happily did, teasing and making an art out of it, I pulled her lacy top down and she brushed her breasts against me, it was so exciting I just couldn't wait any longer to be inside her.

    She stripped off and let me admire her figure, then condom on and she climbed on, she rode enthusiastically as I sucked and played with her breasts,she felt very tight.
    We decided to switch to missionary after 5 Mins, where I was allowed to thrust hard as much as I liked and plenty of open mouthed kissing too, she seemed to enjoy it and when I touched her she'd got nice and wet.

    I finished in the condom, and we had a chat and a laugh as we cleaned up.
    This was a really great experience with a relaxed, sweet and fun lady.😚😚😚
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