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  • Irina

    Irina was wearing matching red bra and panties when she invited me in. She has a good body. She’s not overly slim and toned, and she has a little bit of a belly from having a child etc. but it didn’t bother me because she looks more womanly to me. She has a great ass and lovely soft skin.

    One thing she doesn’t seem to like is kissing, which was a shame really considering the intimacy of the situation. But perhaps it was just me. Who knows? She started off with some nice OWO. She has a nice technique and likes to make some noises when she’s sucking, which is a real turn on. Her lips feel great. Lots of eye contact too, which is always welcome. We moved onto some cowgirl where she got to some serous work fucking me slow, then fast. This seems to be her favourite position and she’s very good at it. I then switched to missionary which was nice because I could get closer to her and reach around to grab her ass.

    When I switched her to doggy she had a little trouble with my length, so we switched it a little to my favourite position where I could control how far I pushed in a little better. She was laid on her front with legs closed. The view here was great. I really enjoyed seeing my white cock entering this black girl, it was a turn on. Irina is only my second black girl.
    We ended up with me tired as hell sadly, so she decided to finish me off with her mouth. She put on a condom, which I found odd at first considering she had been doing OWO. But I was too tired to complain really and I was enjoying her too much. It soon transpired that she had a plan. She sucked like mad, deep and wet, slow then fast until I came in her mouth. But she kept on sucking and it made me writhe and thrash about with the thrill. It’s clear that she didn’t do CIM, but with a condom on, I would highly recommend this!

    A lovely fun girl, with a lot of passion and good technique
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