Lory was wearing only panties, bra, hold up stockings and heels when she welcomed me; all matching. She didn’t waste any time after we’d got everything out of the way. Standing in front of her in my towel she was eager to see what I was packing. Because she’s not that tall, and I am (plus I’ve got quite a long cock), we were able to slide it right between her boobs just standing there. She had to lower herself a little. She sucked on it and slid it between her boobs and all was wonderful. She looked up at me with a mouthful of cock, stuck in her cheek and it really did look awesome.
It was soon onto some sex. We began in missionary. She’s really hot when it comes to this, but she’s one of those that complains about the old chap being too long. It’s a shame because I really do try hard not to cause a problem in this area. It’s not as though I don’t know the length of my own dick and am unable to control it or myself. Switched it up to cowgirl which seemed to go much better. I would have liked to go doggy with her, but those boobs in my face simply tipped me over the edge. I asked her if I could cum in her mouth and she agreed for an extra fee. I jumped off the bed and shot it right in her mouth whilst feeling her giant tits.